Q: Can I use your music and/or instrumental beats* for free? 

A: It's not ours; we just promote it. You should ask for the specific track from the artist If you can use it. *Regarding instrumental beats, GO HERE

Q: Are all your tracks copyrighted? 

A: All the tracks on our Channels belong to the artists, except otherwise specified. 

Q: Why do some videos not have the artist's social links in the description? 

A: We found it to be tedious work to update each video's description box with workable links after some became ineffective. We decided to control this issue more easily by creating one single page of all the artists we discovered. (CLICK HERE)

Q: Why are you reuploading music videos in GRHH Music Videos that you haven't produced with your ministry logo

A: There are so many CHH artists that we enjoy listening to and we support their music. We create our own print materials that redirect visitors to one site "takehispardon.org", rather than to the hundred artists we support. 

Q: Who is the sole owner of the clothing store brand "Christian Streetwear"

A: Well, when we created that store in the beginning, we didn't want it to be part of our ministry Take His Pardon. We wanted it to be its own thing; separated from our takehispardon store too. But as time went on, we realized that juggling two stores at the same time was not possible. So we decided to keep only Christian Streetwear


August 17, 2023

This September, we will be embarking on a new season. 

We will be uploading fewer videos per month on all our YouTube Channels. We recognize that time is something we cannot recover. So, we are maximizing our efforts in our clothing brand "Christian Streetwear (christianstreetwear.ca)" and a new YouTube Channel alternative to GRHH Lyric Videos called "Christianz Wit Attitudes" (LINK). This one will display lyrics on-screen in a much simple way and will cut time for us. 

February 7, 2023

Here are the latest changes. 

The "Good Rap & Hip Hop" YouTube Channel will upload 1-2 videos per week. Music compilations such as Some of the Most and Monthly Spotlight will cease due to copyright issues that complicate things. But we will move to Spotify under the alias "Take His Pardon".

Our YouTube Channel "GRHH Lyric Videos" has become our first priority. 

November 16, 2022

We are putting the monthly spotlight videos on hold starting next year. While it will be on hold, we will focus on "Some of the Most" compilation volumes. We want to prevent dealing with more copyright issues since we had a circumstance where 3 songs by themselves are allowed to be publicly viewed on our Channel. But when we compiled it with other songs (making the video over an hour long), it got blocked worldwide. So we opened a dispute with YouTube for clarification for each song. And only one rejection was needed to block the video with certainty.  

We are thinking of creating a blog for the spotlighted songs for each month. But we are not sure if we should go in that direction.

November 1, 2022

Starting December 5th 2022, we will promote 3-4 videos on a weekly basis on our YouTube Channel. We have to do this for a couple of reasons: 

This part-time ministry was funded over 10 years ago and it is maintained by one person. From time to time, help is given by a couple of friends and family when they can.