Calvinism, aka Reformed Theology, is a set of teaching within Christendom that permeates almost every sermon, book, song (including on our Good Rap & Hip Hop YouTube Channel), merchandise, and social media. It is being very well promoted in churches across the west, as far as we are aware. You may not have heard it before or haven't picked on it yet. People who hold to that view are called Calvinists. But some Christians prefer to avoid calling themselves by that name because it comes after a man called "John Calvin" and he did not die for our sins. Others simply don't want to cause divisions among churches, so they keep quiet (or they will open up in secret with or without caution). 

What is it? 

In a nutshell, Calvinism teaches that God has free will and we do not. But, I know some readers wouldn't be satisfied. So, let us try again: Calvinism is a soteriological* position that simply teaches that God decided in advance (before the creation was set in motion) which man, woman, boy, and girl would enter paradise by his sovereign grace through faith alone apart from the works of the law. It also teaches what would happen to the other group of people, which were ignored by God's sovereign choice from receiving forgiveness for their sins. These will glorify God by suffering in hell forever as God intended from that moment before he fashioned the universe. 

The purpose of this page 

We understand that there are people who oppose Calvinism. These are known as non-Calvinists and they do not all believe the same thing just as there are different kinds of Calvinists out there. We found that many Calvinists are not fair in their assessment of those who do not hold to Reformed Theology, and some of them tend to demonize non-Calvinists. When it comes to allowing those who prescribe to the opposite view to explain themselves, most Calvinists are inclined to look for other Calvinists to articulate the belief system of non-Calvinists, but hardly are they ever going to the main source. 

So to be fair, we created this page. We want to provide information from non-Calvinists to explain themselves. 

As you dive in, we invite you to examine all sides and come to your own conclusions on that subject as you do it with an open bible and humble spirit. As** is the most resourceful website for Calvinists. Below, we provide the most resourceful information from non-Calvinists. At the end of the day, you decided what you want to believe in. 

[*] Soteriological (or, soteriology) is a term that means the doctrine of salvation

[**] Please be aware that taking all the information you could possibly muster from the website, there is still a trap set up for you. That trap is that Calvinists will want to convince you (not of ill intentions) that there are only two camps: Calvinism and Arminianism. That is a false dichotomy. There are many types of Calvinists and there are many types of non-Calvinists, so don't allow them to put you into a category.  


The Essential Trainer by Udo Karsten

Original Sin is Unbiblical by Paul Ellis (

6 Reasons Why Original Sin Cannot Be True by Paul Ellis (


God So Loved The World: Traditional Baptists and Calvinism by Fisher Humphreys and Paul E. Robertson

Unlimited: God's Love, Atonement, and Mission by Ken Hemphill

The Potter's Promise: A Biblical Defense of Traditional Soteriology by Leighton Flowers

Calvinism: A Closer Look by Daniel Gracely

Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy (spotlight on the life and teachings of John Calvin) by Bob Kirkland D.D.

Tackling Tulip: Exposing the Biblical, Theological, and Practical Errors of Calvinism by Grant Ralston and Edward Ralston

Calvinism Refuted: Questions Reformed Theology Can't Answer by Nodal Milieus

Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed: Black Holes, Love, and a Journey in and Out of Calvinism by Austin Fischer

The Foundation of Augustinian-Calvinism by Ken Wilson

Determined to Believe? The Sovereignty of God, Freedom, Faith, and Human Responsibility by John C. Lennox

What Love Is This?: Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God by Dave Hunt

Christian Theology: Biblical, Historical, and Systematic by Adam Harwood

John Calvin Goes to Berkeley by James Mccarthy [novel]

The Revival and Rejection of an Old Traditional Heresy ... or, The Doctrine of God Decreeing All Sin Examined and Refuted by John Benson

YouTube Videos

Trojan Horses in the Church Today - Part 1: Calvinism by Dr. Thomas M. Cucuzza

Android Apps

Soteriology101 on Google Play

BibleThinker on Google Play

Over time, we will update this page with more resources.