Flyers & Gospel Tracts

Our Duty 

It is the obligation of every saint of God to share the good news with this lost dying world. Evangelism is not a gift; it is a command to obey. It is something you have to put into practice the same way when a person wants to become a good swimmer. He doesn't become one overnight, but the practice is needed to attain that objective. Now, we know that someone shared the salvation message with you as you were drowning in the sea of sin, right? Additionally, you couldn't get on land due to the power of sin and death that was upon you. But now you stand on a Rock, which is Jesus Christ. So how did you get there? What happened? Well, someone somehow shared the good news with you. And, there are countless other people in the sea suffering. Would you just stand by and watch others rescuing those people as the raging storm of God approaches? I pray that you would have a change of heart and that God would use you to proclaim His marvelous message. Please read this article on 100 Reasons & Ways to use Gospel Tracts

Here we offer free gospel tracts that you can download, print, and share wherever you are located.
The paper size in use is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. (Some designs may have enough space for you to add your church address/info.)

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NOTE: Some files that have cut marks included were created for those who would rather go to a print shop. A file without cut marks can be used at Vistaprint (and other similar services online).