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Good Rap & Hip Hop (GRHH) features Instrumental Beats* that you can use for your project(s) for the advancement of God's Kingdom. (Scroll to the bottom to find out how you can have your beats promoted on our channel.)

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If you already used any of our instrumental beats from our catalog (link above) and then requested us to check it out in order to be promoted on our YouTube Channel, please understand that we will promote it as long it meets our criteria. But, if your requested song doesn't match our evaluation, we will reject it. Though you can still upload it on any of your Social outlet(s) with the exception that you give credits to ""

[If we need clarification about the content of your song, we will interact with you through email.]

If you have any questions and/or if you need clarification, please contact us at

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  • If you are sharing a single beat, please tell us what is special about it.
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*We don't produce beats and it goes without saying that we also don't sell them. But, we allow people who make their own beats to be promoted through our ministry.
The producer decides what he wants to do with his own work. For that, we will provide info on how they can be reached, if available.
We may also choose not to promote your instrumental beats based on the information provided through email.